ParlayPlay Promo Code

The ParlayPlay promo code BGREEN gives you a $5 no deposit bonus and a $100 deposit match. Bonus credits has a 1x playthrough requirement.


ParlayPlay is a daily fantasy sports (DFS) site that was founded in New York in 2020. The site is live in more than 20 states and offers both paid and free-to-play contests on its platform.

In this review, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of ParlayPlay. We will discuss the games offered on the site, the states where ParlayPlay is legal, the latest ParlayPlay promo code, and much more. Let’s get into it!

ParlayPlay Bonus Code

Welcome Bonus$5 No Deposit Bonus + $100 Deposit Match
Promo CodeBGREEN
Minimum Deposit$10
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

ParlayPlay Welcome Bonus

ParlayPlay promo code BGREEN grants you a $5 no deposit bonus and a $100 deposit match

The ParlayPlay welcome bonus offer is a two-part promotion. First, new users automatically receive a $5 no deposit bonus; then, when funding their account, they get a 100% deposit match up to $100.

The bonus credits have a 1x playthrough requirement, so while you won’t be able to withdraw them immediately, you’ll be able to collect any winnings from plays where you used those credits right away.

Plan to allow up to 72 hours for the bonus funds to arrive in your account. If you don’t see them after that time period, contact ParlayPlay customer support immediately.

How to Use the ParlayPlay Promo Code

You can use the ParlayPlay promo code to claim the welcome bonus offer by following these steps.

  1. Copy the ParlayPlay promo code BGREEN: ParlayPlay could change its promo code offer at any time, but fear not! We will always have the most current promo code offer listed on this page, as well as the details of the bonus.
  2. Complete the registration form: Next, access the ParlayPlay website and click the “Join Now” icon in the top right corner of the page. To sign up, you will need to provide your legal first and last name, a username and password to use on the site, your email address, your phone number, and date of birth. Be sure to click the “Have a referral code?” button and paste in the code you copied from Bettor In Green, then click “Apply.” Check the box to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and to confirm you are of legal age to play, then submit your registration by clicking “Sign Up.”
  3. (Optional) Download the ParlayPlay mobile app: The ParlayPlay mobile app gives you the freedom to play on the go using your Apple or Android device. The app is free to download from your device’s app store. After downloading, log into your account.
  4. Make a real-money deposit: ParlayPlay offers free-to-enter contests, but if you want to claim the $100 in bonus credits, you will need to make a real-money deposit. Using your credit card or debit card, choose an amount that is within your financial limits and ParlayPlay will match your deposit at a 100% rate up to $100.
  5. Find a contest and start playing: Finally, once the bonus credits are in your account, pick a contest to enter, and select the amount you wish to use for your entry. Bonus credits have a 1x playthrough requirement, so you will need to use them at least once before you can withdraw them from your account.

Overview of ParlayPlay

ParlayPlay is a DFS site founded in New York City in 2020. As a relatively new entrant into the DFS space, it does not have the same storied history as other sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, or Underdog, but it seems to be showing good potential.

While legislators debate over the nature of daily fantasy sports contests like pick’ems and over/unders that come close to sports betting, ParlayPlay is licensed in 24 states and Washington D.C.; however, a particularly curious note is that ParlayPlay is NOT licensed in New York, where the company is headquartered.

States Where ParlayPlay is Legal

ParlayPlay is legal in AL, AK, AS, CA, GA, IL, KS, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, WV, WI, WY, and Washington D.C. However, college games aren’t offered in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

ParlayPlay DFS Game Modes

ParlayPlay Pick'm contests

All of ParlayPlays Game Modes offer coverage of NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, UFC, International Soccer, and NCAA events except in states where NCAA contests are prohibited. You’ll also be able to choose from several esports competitions, including League of Legends, Valorant, and CS:GO.

Here are the game modes you can play on ParlayPlay.

Pick’M Contests (More/Less Contests)

Pick’M Contests on ParlayPlay require a player to choose anywhere from two to four player prop parlays and decide whether those players will record over or under in certain stat categories. ParlayPlay calls these “More/Less Contests/”

Additionally, there are two styles of Pick’M contests that can alter your payout: All-In and Insurance. All-In offers higher multipliers for getting all your predictions correct while Insurance offers you a lower maximum payout but a higher potential of getting paid (you can get a pick wrong and still receive a payout).

Hit It Contests

Hit It Contests are predictions on the range of where two athletes will land relative to their stat projections. However, unlike Pick’M and Higher/Lower contests, you get to control the range rather than having a line predetermined by ParlayPlay.

Picking the correct range for both players yields a 6x payout while getting only one of the players correct results in a 2x payout.

Because you’re dealing with a range rather than an exact figure, you can fudge some leeway into your predictions. For example, depending on the prop, you may want to set the over/under line to be the exact middle of your range as a winning strategy, while for others, it may be better to have your range be at either extreme of the prop line.

Free2Play Contests

ParlayPlay’s weekly contests are head-to-head matchups rather than contests against the host site. Players must make higher/lower selections and other stat predictions to move up and down the leaderboard.

In most cases, the top three players on the leaderboard will receive the real-money prize, though this can change based on the number of entrants. The opportunity to win real money without having to pay to play makes these contests massive draws for hardcore and casual players alike.

ParlayPlay Deposit and Withdrawal Options

ParlayPlay has very limited deposit and withdrawal options at the moment, though they could expand as the product continues to grow in popularity. As of writing, ParlayPlay only accepts credit and debit cards for deposits; you can also withdraw using these methods or directly to your bank account via ACH online banking.

Deposit limits are $1,000 per day, $4,000 per week, and $8,000 per month. Withdrawals have a $10 minimum and $1,000 maximum per transaction.

Once you’ve submitted a withdrawal request, you will need to wait until that one is successfully processed before submitting another request.

Customer Support and User Experience

ParlayPlay customer support

When putting together this review, we found our interactions with ParlayPlay’s customer support team to be relatively helpful.

The support chat available in the app and on the website isn’t automated, so it may take a few minutes to receive a response. However, once you get connected with a service agent, things tend to move relatively smoothly after that.

Additionally, the FAQ pages could use a bit more work, and you may be better off leaning on the support chat feature. We would like to see even more descriptions on those pages, as some of the information seemed outdated or incomplete.

ParlayPlay Referral Program

ParlayPlay has a referral program that allows players the opportunity to bring in their friends for extra credits to use on the platform.

When you create an account, you will be assigned a unique referral code you can use to invite your friends. Once your friends sign up and make a deposit of at least $10, you’ll receive a $30 credit for each referral.

There is a maximum of 10 times you can claim a bonus in this way, which would lead to a total of $300 in credits. Hopefully, your friends aren’t also referring amongst themselves so you can get all the rewards to yourself!

ParlayPlay Security and Licensing

In order to obtain licenses in the states where it operates, ParlayPlay needed to continually show it could safely handle players’ personal and financial information. They do so by complying with the cybersecurity standards established by state gaming agencies and conducting thorough training for employees to ensure consumer safety.

ParlayPlay also has a team dedicated to ensuring there is no cheating on the platform. Players are prohibited from using bots, script software, or other tools to gain unauthorized access or a competitive advantage, and those caught cheating will be subject to criminal penalties.

More information about ParlayPlay’s security and licensing details can be found in the terms of use and privacy policy. If you have questions or concerns about how your information is used and managed, you can contact ParlayPlay’s security team at

Tips for Maximizing Your Winnings on ParlayPlay

Maximizing your winnings on ParlayPlay will depend on the game you’re playing. The pick’M contests can have higher multipliers than Hit It games, but because they require choosing more players to reach those multipliers, you are statistically more likely to win by playing Hit It.

Furthermore, the Free2Play contests are a challenge to win, but because there is no entry fee required, it’s worthwhile to enter every week if you’re planning to become a serious ParlayPlay competitor.

There have never been more fantasy sports at your disposal than there are today, and it may be overwhelming to do the amount of research required to be successful. To help you turn a profit more consistently, Bettor In Green releases Daily Cheat Sheets with insights to some of the top plays and strategies.

You can also use tools like lineup optimizers and matchup predictors to see which players are most likely to get you a win. Following experts who post their picks is another sound strategy, but as a reminder, you and you alone are responsible for the picks you make!

Mobile App Experience

The ParlayPlay mobile app is available for both Apple and Android users, though the Android app is relatively new. As such, the app works slightly better on iOS, but in our testing, the differences weren’t particularly major or an inconvenience in any way.

One of the first things you’ll notice when opening the ParlayPlay app is the bold yellow and black color scheme. We found the aesthetic to be rather eye-catching, but you may want to turn down your screen brightness before using.

In our tests, we found the ParlayPlay app to be highly responsive and quick to load. This is especially important when you’re trying to submit your entry close to the time the games start.

We did not find any major differences between the desktop version of ParlayPlay and the mobile app. As such, we can comfortably recommend either option; do what works for you.

Responsible Gaming Features

ParlayPlay has several responsible gaming features to ensure players are able to participate in as safe a manner as possible. First and foremost, players who wish to self-exclude can do so by emailing and requesting to take a break or blocking your access entirely.

Self-exclusion is voluntary and confidential. If you are at risk of gambling compulsion, we highly recommend you consider this option.

In addition to running a self-exclusion program, ParlayPlay imposes deposit and withdrawal limits. Players are welcome to adjust their limits to be even lower than the standard limits, and can also restrict the number of contests they are permitted to participate in at a daily, weekly, and monthly level.

You can review your entry history at any time to further keep track of your wins and losses. Using this data can help you to come up with a plan for responsible money management while playing.

Finally, you can find links to contact the National Council on Problem Gambling and the International Center for Responsible Gaming on the “Responsible Gaming” page of the ParlayPlay website and app.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews of ParlayPlay are generally favorable. The app holds a 4.6/5 rating in the Apple App Store with a comparable 4.5/5 rating in the Google Play Store.

Positive reviews praised ParlayPlay for the intuitive, user-friendly software, the availability of insured play (particularly helpful for newer players), and the ease of tracking your results.

One reviewer on the Google Play Store wrote this in January 2024:

“Overall, I like this app and the gaming experience has been very enjoyable. The “Insured” option is great for someone who doesn’t want to take big risks – you can still get something if one of your choices wins. The only request I have is to fix the error I kept getting (while) trying to deposit using the Wifi network. Using the mobile network fixed it but it should really work either way.”

Negative reviews on app stores tend to skew from users who lost money on the site (which is, of course, NOT the fault of ParlayPlay). However, there were a few valid criticisms we found, including not having a specific player or line available that is listed on other DFS apps and smaller promotion volume compared to other fantasy sites.

Bettor In Green’s Opinion On ParlayPlay

Bettor In Green’s Opinion on ParlayPlay is that it is an entertaining platform worthy of consideration for your DFS play, especially for those new to the fantasy sports landscape.

The insurance option is a generous tool to ease beginners into DFS gaming, and the simplistic gameplay style can turn casual fans into regular competitors.


What types of games and contests does ParlayPlay offer?

ParlayPlay offers three types of games and contests: Pick’M contests, Hit-It events, and Free-to-Play games. Pick’M contests follow typical over/under conventions and multiply the winnings as you add more players. Hit-It games involve picking two players and setting a range for their stat categories, with payouts for getting one or both picks correct. The free-to-play contests are head-to-head competitions where players move up the leaderboard for the weekly prizes.

How does the ParlayPlay referral program work?

The ParlayPlay referral program works by generating a unique promo code after you’ve created your account. Send that code to a friend, then, when your friend deposits at least $10 into their account, you’ll receive $30 in bonus credits. You will be limited to 10 credit claims once your friends register, leading to a maximum of $300 in site credits if you complete all the referrals.

What deposit and withdrawal options are available on ParlayPlay?

ParlayPlay only accepts credit and debit cards as deposit options while also allowing online banking for withdrawals. There are no fees associated with either transaction from ParlayPlay’s side, though you will want to check with your payment processor to ensure there are no fees involved on their end.

Is there a ParlayPlay mobile app for both iOS and Android?

Yes, there is a ParlayPlay mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app is free to download in either app store.