Sleeper Promo Code

The Sleeper promo code BIG offers a 100% match on your first deposit, up to $100 in site credits. Deposit a minimum of $10 to qualify.


Sleeper is one of the powerhouse fantasy sports websites, offering traditional fantasy formats as well as daily fantasy sports (DFS contests). Originally a fantasy football platform, Sleeper has grown to offer basketball, esports (League of Legends), picks, and more!

In this piece, we will provide a comprehensive review of Sleeper’s DFS and traditional fantasy sports offerings. We’ll also offer strategies to help you win your DFS and traditional fantasy competitions, showcase the latest Sleeper promo code, and list where the platform is legal so you can be ready to play.

Sleeper Bonus Code

Welcome Bonus100% Deposit Match Up To $100
Promo CodeBIG
Minimum Deposit$10
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

Sleeper Welcome Bonus

Sleeper promo code BIG for a 100% deposit match up to $100

Sleeper’s welcome bonus offer consists of a 100% deposit match up to $100 for new users that inputs the promo code BIG. The bonus credits can be used to participate in DFS or Picks competitions but cannot be used on private leagues.

Promotional offers and welcome bonuses on Sleeper will change throughout the year. As such, we will continue to update this page with the latest bonus information.

Redeeming the Sleeper Promo Code

Here are the steps you will need to take to redeem the Sleeper promo code.

  1. Download the mobile app: While you are certainly welcome to register on a web browser, you may find it easier on your mobile device. Open the app store on your device and search for “Sleeper Fantasy Sports” by Blitz Studios. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and move on to Step 2.
  2. Create an account: To create your account, tap the “Join Now” button. From there, you will be prompted to input a username, email address or phone number (you don’t have to use both), and a password to use when logging into your account. After you have done so, click “continue.” (NOTE: You will not be asked to type your social security number during account registration, but you will need to provide it when claiming your winnings).
  3. Input the bonus code: On the next page, enter the bonus code BIG. If you use the link at the top of this page, it should automatically enter the bonus code for you.
  4. Make a deposit and play your first contest: Finally, to redeem the Sleeper promo code, you will need to make a real-money deposit into your account. A list of deposit methods is available further down the page. After making your deposit, choose a contest to enter and allow up to 72 hours for the bonus to show up in your account.

Sleeper Promos For Existing Users

Sleeper will occasionally have player-specific promotions for its picks contests, which it advertises as “Picks on Sale.” For these promos, the line has been dramatically changed to increase a Sleeper User’s chance of winning.

For example, one that we saw was “Corbin Burnes more or less than 0.5 strikeouts.” If you added this to your entry while taking the “over,” you would be almost guaranteed to hit on this entry to your slip given Burnes is a starting pitcher and should theoretically record much more than that (but would still need to pick at least one other option to make your picks eligible).

The other closest thing to a promo for existing users is the referral program, which is known as the Give/Get Promotion. On Sleeper, you refer a friend by sending them a unique bonus code with a signup link.

When your friend finalizes their registration and completes a “committed action,” both you and your friend will receive a bonus.

However, the “committed action” can change; sometimes it’s making a minimum deposit and playing through the balance of that deposit at least once. Other times, this action can require playing in a certain number of contests.

The frustrating part of the referral program is that the bonus reward isn’t clearly defined anywhere. When accessing the referral link in the mobile app, there is no mention of the bonus, and the terms and conditions do not specify what type of bonus will be received, or the amount thereof.

States Where Sleeper is Legal

Sleeper Fantasy offers several different types of games on its platforms, and some states will allow only partial access to Sleeper’s contests. Below is the list by state of where Sleeper is legal and

  • Alabama: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper PicksVS only)
  • Alaska: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Arizona: Sleeper is not legal in Arizona
  • Arkansas: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • California: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Colorado: Sleeper is not legal in Colorado
  • Connecticut: Sleeper is not legal in Connecticut
  • Delaware: Sleeper is not legal in Delaware
  • Florida: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper PicksVS only)
  • Georgia: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Hawaii: Sleeper is not legal in Hawaii
  • Idaho: Sleeper is not legal in Idaho
  • Illinois: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Indiana: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Iowa: Sleeper is not legal in Iowa
  • Kansas: LEGAL (Daily Draft Only)
  • Kentucky: Sleeper is not legal in Kentucky
  • Louisiana: Sleeper is not legal in Louisiana
  • Maine: Sleeper is not legal in Maine
  • Maryland: Sleeper is not legal in Maryland
  • Massachusetts: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper PicksVS only)
  • Michigan: Sleeper is not legal in Michigan
  • Minnesota: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Mississippi: Sleeper is not legal in Mississippi
  • Missouri: Sleeper is not legal in Missouri
  • Montana: Sleeper is not legal in Montana
  • Nebraska: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Nevada: Sleeper is not legal in Nevada
  • New Hampshire: Sleeper is not legal in New Hampshire
  • New Jersey: Sleeper is not legal in New Jersey
  • New Mexico: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • New York: Sleeper is not legal in New York
  • North Carolina: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • North Dakota: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Ohio: Sleeper is not legal in Ohio
  • Oklahoma: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Oregon: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Pennsylvania: Sleeper is not legal in Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • South Carolina: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • South Dakota: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Tennessee: Sleeper is not legal in Tennessee
  • Texas: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Utah: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Vermont: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Virginia: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Washington: Sleeper is not legal in Washington
  • West Virginia: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper PicksVS only)
  • Wisconsin: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)
  • Wyoming: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper PicksVS only)
  • Washington D.C.: LEGAL (Daily Draft and Sleeper Picks only)

DFS Game Modes on Sleeper

DFS game modes on Sleeper

Sleeper offers a few different DFS games to players on its site, though as we mentioned in the legality section, some of the contests may not be available in your area.

Over/Under Challenges (Sleeper Picks)

Over/Under challenges require predicting whether a player will record more or less than a given statistical milestone as set by Sleeper. For example, these challenges could involve predictions on whether Patrick Mahomes will throw for more or less than 250.5 yards, whether Jayson Tatum will score more or less than 26.5 points, or whether Caitlin Clark will record more or less than 6.5 assists.

The more options you add to your picks entry, the bigger the multiplier you can unlock, up to a 100X multiplier. Sleeper users can add anywhere between two and eight players to their entry.

Daily Fantasy Drafts

Daily Fantasy Drafts on Sleeper are available throughout the season, with drafts beginning automatically every five minutes. Entries cost $1 (with your spot in the draft order randomly assigned), and any pool not filled by users will be filled by CPU bots.

NFL drafts will require players to pick 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2WRs, 1 TE, and 2 FLEX players. Points will be scored during the upcoming week using a PPR format.

Daily Draft pools are capped at eight players, with prizes for the top three players in the pool (first place gets $4, second place gets $2, third place gets their $1 entry fee back).

Sleeper PicksVS Competitions

Sleeper PicksVS competitions aren’t as widely available across the U.S. as the other options listed above, but Sleeper is continuing to push for its acceptance and legality.

In SleeperVS contests, players pick between 2-8 players to add to their entry to move up the VSScore leaderboard. Points are earned for correct picks, with additional points earned for having more players and riskier picks on your entry.

The more picks you make correctly, the higher your VS Score will be, but get too many wrong and your score will drop to zero!

There are two ways to earn a payout in Sleeper PicksVS. First, payouts go to the highest-scoring player in the pool (100X their entry fee). The other way is to get a payout equal to your stake multiplied by your VS Score for getting a certain number of your picks correct.

Variety of Sports and Contests

Sleeper’s sports selection is smaller than other DFS operators, but it has become extremely specialized in those areas and is poised well for expansion in the near future.

Here are the sports leagues and contest types you’ll be able to add to your gaming entries.

  • Sleeper Picks: MLB, WNBA, NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball
  • Sleeper PicksVS: MLB, WNBA, NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball
  • Daily Fantasy Drafts: NFL, NBA

Strategies for Success on Sleeper Fantasy

Strategies for success on Sleeper will mirror the success on other DFS sites, especially those that utilize a PPR format. With that in mind, we can offer the following tips to improve your game.

Maximize your in-game budget

There’s no sense in leaving part of your allocated budget on the board when you’re setting your lineup. Find the value and spend to the limit with your in-game budget (we do NOT recommend this for your real-money bankroll).

Do as much research as you can

Relying on tips from industry insiders and experts will only get you so far. Using other tools like lineup optimizers, roster builders, and cheat sheets (like those at will help you develop better strategies and find more consistent results.

Don’t neglect injury and weather reports

Even the juiciest matchups can be undone by bad weather or an untimely injury. When possible, delaying your lineup selection until you have more accurate information is a good way to go.

Stack a QB with a top receiving target

When the matchup seems favorable for passing conditions (high-scoring but not so one-sided that a team abandons the passing game), it can be a favorable strategy to take a QB and WR (or TE in some offenses) from the same team for your DFS lineup.

Don’t FLEX a tight end

While the NFL is moving towards involving tight ends more as receiving threats, the weekly dropoff between TE1 and TE9 (assuming the most favorable eight tight ends are drafted first) is far greater than between the top wide receivers and running backs. This means you’re more likely to leave points behind by playing two tight ends in your lineup than you are using an extra wide receiver or running back each week.

Sleeper Banking Methods and Withdrawal Process

Sleeper’s banking methods are a bit more limited than other fantasy operators but should still sufficiently meet your needs.

Users in most states will have a $1,000 deposit maximum for a 24-hour period, though in Massachusetts, the limit is $1,000 per month. You also won’t be able to make a deposit anywhere if you have a Sleeper wallet balance of $10,000 or more.

Withdrawals face a similar limit, with a maximum of $1,000 per withdrawal transaction and a maximum of $5,000 per day.

Here is the list of ways you can manage your money on Sleeper.

  • Online Banking
  • Visa Card
  • Discover Card
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Check via U.S. mail (withdrawal only)

Customer Support and Platform Usability

Sleeper customer support

Sleeper’s customer support pages are adequate, but we would like to see even more information added than what is currently there. Some of the pages in the help center used complicated legal jargon that left us with more questions than clarity as a result, even in explaining how the games work.

A support chat is available as well. It starts by working you through an automated series of responses but connects you to a real person if you aren’t able to find the answers you need.

You can also email Sleeper Support through the app or website. However, it can take a day to get a response, so you are likely better off using the chat.

All of these support options are easy to find within the app. To get to the help section, tap on the icon in the top left corner of your screen, the gear icon (to open settings), then tap “App & Support.”

Sleeper Mobile App

In our opinion, the mobile application experience with Sleeper makes for a superior way to play. The app is incredibly responsive and easy to navigate, and the design is eye-catching without overwhelming you.

We asked a few fantasy football newbies to test the app for this review. They all commented on how user-friendly the app layout was, and that having a tutorial when first opening the app made a difference in their experience.

As far as we could tell, there were no significant differences between the amount of information on the website and that on the app. However, the ability to use the app on the go instead of exclusively on a desktop computer was enough to tilt the scales for us.

The app is available for iOS and Android users and is free to download in their respective app stores.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Sleeper takes responsible gaming quite seriously, as evidenced by the amount of resources provided to combat addictive gambling behaviors.

First, Sleeper has partnered with Birches Health, a licensed addiction treatment services provider, to offer a free risk assessment and free consultation. This assessment can be easily found within Sleeper’s mobile app and on the website.

Next, Sleeper has a state-specific list of problem play resources with links to phone numbers and websites to get more localized assistance. You can access the list by clicking “Responsible Play” on the homepage of the website and in the help center on the app.

Finally, by limiting the amount of money you can withdraw and deposit each day, Sleeper can help keep you from overspending on the platform. You can also customize those limits within the app and website to cap the amount of money you can deposit per month, the amount you can spend on a single entry fee, and the number of weekly entries.

User Reviews and Community Feedback

Community feedback on Sleeper’s platform has been largely favorable, with thousands of user reviews and ratings in various app stores. Furthermore, because the operator has been around for several years, it has been able to iron out most of the bugs to provide a fluid gaming experience.

In the Google Play Store, reviews rated Sleeper’s app 4.3/5, making it one of the highest-rated fantasy apps for Android users. Sleep scored even higher marks in the Apple App Store, where the app received a 4.7/5 score.

We noticed multiple reviews in the Google Play Store where users mentioned Sleeper worked better on their iOS device, though that review came in January 2023. Sleeper has certainly improved its product since then, and in our experience, we haven’t encountered delays or issues between devices.

Positive user experiences lauded the intuitive user interface, stylish aesthetic, and player data volume. One reviewer commented: “I’ve been a fantasy manager for 20 years on just about every platform but this one is by far the best because it makes the league more communal compared to others. It makes the games more fun and there are 2x-3x more trades in my Sleeper leagues than any of the others. The AI mock drafts are pretty handy too.”

Negative reviews were harder to find, and most that we found were more than three years old. However, we did find a few that mentioned confusion over making scoring adjustments and occasional delays in withdrawal times (though they did not mention which withdrawal method was used).

A reviewer who gave the app a 3/5 rating said “What I don’t like is the lack of insurance and the O/U pick multipliers. A lot of them are low which means you have to make even more picks or put much more $ on the line to get a decent payout. However they do offer a multitude of prop bet types (asts, 1q asts, etc).”

Comparing Sleeper with Other DFS Platforms

While Sleeper does not have as large of a player base as some of the other top DFS operators, we found the community as a whole to be closer than on other platforms. The ability to message users and chat about the hottest topics in the league in a customizable feed is somewhat rare and can lead to great conversations and insights from other players.

We do need to point out that Sleeper does not have as many bonuses or promotions as sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Underdog. However, unlike the first two, Sleeper does not offer sports betting to help build a larger promotions budget, perhaps explaining why bonuses aren’t as common.

With that in mind, we’re big fans of the Sleeper PicksVS model, and we hope to see the prize amounts increased for those contests.

Background and History of Sleeper

Sleeper was founded in 2014 and first appeared in the fantasy space in 2015 as an app called Sleeperbot. It drew a strong following because of its immediate news notifications, outpacing other news outlets and fantasy apps like ESPN and Yahoo!.

However, the second season was not nearly as successful, and players began leaving the site when an overabundance of ads and podcast promotions kept Sleeperbot from running efficiently and effectively.

In a major product overhaul, Sleeper rebranded and relaunched its product in 2017. The second time around was much more successful, growing to a reported two million users in February 2023 and more than four million users by June 2024.

Sleeper added fantasy basketball in 2020. It has further expanded its sports offerings to include League of Legends and a picks game to its catalog.

Bettor In Green’s Opinion On Sleeper

In summary, Bettor In Green holds Sleeper in high regard and recommends both traditional fantasy and DFS users give it a try. Sleeper Picks and Sleeper PicksVS offer fun and engaging ways to play, and for season-long leagues, the customizability is impressive.

As a reminder, you can use the Sleeper promo code BIG when registering to get a deposit match of up to $100 when registering your account. Furthermore, if you found this review helpful, we hope you’ll consider checking out the Bettor In Green Cheat Sheets, as those have new information daily to help you win your leagues.


In Which States is Sleeper Available?

Sleeper is available in AL, AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, MA, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WV, WI, WY, and Washington D.C. However, due to legal restrictions, some of Sleeper’s games may not be available in your state. A full list of what games are available on Sleeper in your state can be found at

What Types of Games and Contests Does Sleeper Offer?

Sleeper offers several types of games and contests to its players, including Sleeper Picks, Sleeper PicksVS, and daily fantasy drafts. You can join one of the daily fantasy drafts for $1 per entry, with new drafts starting every five minutes.

How Does the Sleeper PicksVS Mode Work?

Sleeper PicksVS mode works by requiring players to pick more or less on statistical categories from 2-8 players. Then, users earn points based on how many players they picked correctly, as well as on how difficult their picks were. Payouts go to the highest-scoring player in the pool, and to players who score above a certain benchmark. Picking more outcomes correctly improves your VS Score which acts as a multiplier for your score.

What Deposit and Withdrawal Options are Available on Sleeper?

On Sleeper’s fantasy sports platform, players can make deposits and withdrawals using their bank account, Visa card, Discover card, Venmo account, or PayPal account (Mastercard and Apple Pay won’t be accepted). You won’t be able to withdraw more than $1,000 on a single transaction or more than $5,000 in a 24-hour period.

Is There a Sleeper Mobile App for Both iOS and Android?

Yes, there is a Sleeper mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app has more than one million downloads in each store; Android users have rated Sleeper 4.3/5 while those using Apple devices have given a 4.7/5 rating.