Underdog Fantasy Promo Code

The Underdog Fantasy promo code BGREEN unlocks a $250 welcome bonus. Deposit a minimum of $10 to qualify.


Underdog Fantasy is one of the power players in the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry. With a user-friendly design for its website and mobile app, generous promotions and prizes, and innovative gameplay, Underdog offers a premier experience for hardcore and casual players alike.

This page offers a comprehensive review of Underdog Fantasy, with an emphasis on the features of the platform, user reviews, and information about the latest Underdog Fantasy promo code. We will also list the states where Underdog is legal and compare the operator against competitors in the DFS industry.

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Code

Welcome BonusUp To $250 in Bonus Cash
Promo CodeBGREEN
Minimum Deposit$10
Last UpdatedJuly 2024

Underdog Fantasy Welcome Bonus

The Underdog Fantasy promo code BGREEN offers a welcome bonus of up to $250 in bonus cash

The welcome bonus at Underdog Fantasy features a 50% deposit match, worth up to $250, when you use the promo code BGREEN while creating your account. To maximize the deposit, you would need to fund your account with $500 in real-money funds, though the proportion will hold if you aren’t as comfortable depositing that much.

To fund your account, you’ll need to make a deposit through PayPal, or by using a credit or debit card. All deposits have a $10 minimum.

Once the bonus funds arrive in your account, you will have 60 days to use them, after which time, they will expire. You must play with the bonus amount at least one time before you can withdraw the funds (you’ll still be able to withdraw your non-bonus balance).

You must be at least 18 years of age to claim the promo offer, though this age requirement changes for a few states. Alabama and Nebraska require you to be at least 19, while the offer is only available for those who are 21+ in Arizona and Massachusetts.

The bonus funds can be used to enter most contests and games on Underdog, though there may be a few exceptions from time to time. If you are unsure, check through the terms and conditions of the game you intend to play so you don’t use promo funds unintentionally.

You’ll only be able to claim this bonus if you are a new user, so if you’ve already set up an Underdog account, check your email and text messages for promo offers available to existing users.

How to Activate Your Underdog Fantasy Promo Code

Activating the Underdog Fantasy promo code won’t take you very long. Most users are able to claim the welcome bonus within about 10 minutes. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

  1. Access the Underdog registration page: Using the link at the top of this page should automatically include the bonus code when you’re registering for an Underdog account. Otherwise, enter the promo code “BGREEN” manually.
  2. Enter your account credentials and identifying information: On the registration page, you will be asked to provide a username and password to use during login. You’ll also need to provide your email address and date of birth. At the bottom of the page, you can input the promo code “BIG” if it did not autofill.
  3. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy: After reviewing the privacy policy and terms of service, check the box to indicate your agreement. Then, click “Sign Up.”
  4. Enable location services: Whether you’re using the mobile app or a web browser to play on Underdog, you will need to turn on the location services to verify you’re in a legal state.
  5. Make a real-money deposit: The final step before claiming the bonus is to make a deposit using money from your PayPal account, bank account, or via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX). Underdog has a $10 minimum for all deposits, so with the 50% match, a minimum deposit would get you $5 in bonus funds. The maximum bonus amount is $250, which would require a $500 deposit. You’re welcome to choose any amount you wish, as long as it is within your financial limits.

Underdog Fantasy Promos For Existing Users

Aside from the welcome bonus, Underdog will offer other promotions to its returning players. However, much to the dismay of many users, Underdog Fantasy does not have a true “loyalty program” for players who frequent the site.

Instead, the Underdog faithful are able to claim bonuses through the referral program, which gives users a unique bonus code to send to their friends. Once those friends make an eligible deposit of at least $10, the referring friend will receive $10 in bonus credits; there does not appear to be a limit to how many friends you can refer, so this bonus can stack for potentially massive returns.

As was the case with the welcome offer, there is a 1x playthrough requirement before you can withdraw the bonus credits.

With the referral program, you can retroactively claim the bonus within 12 hours of account registration if your friend signed up without the code. If this happens, email support@underdogfantasy.com immediately.

In Pick’em contests, Underdog has also been known to offer multiplier boosts and specials to help enhance your winnings. The multiplier boosts stack the payout on a winning pick, so a $20 game with a 20x multiple and a 50x boost would yield a $400 payout in real funds as well as $600 in bonus funds.

Similarly, a special would include a heavily adjusted line that favors the player (such as Patrick Mahomes over 0.5 passing yards) to include in a Pick’em. A Pick 5 with the special selection included would result in the same cash prize as a Pick 4 while also receiving bonus credits equivalent to the difference had it been a Pick 5 (for example, a $20 Pick 5 game with the special would pay out $200 in cash prizes and $200 in bonus credits).

Underdog will offer various promotions throughout the sports calendar that could change at any time. Be sure to come back to this site for the specifics on the latest bonuses.

Origins and Growth of Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy exploded onto the scene in 2020 thanks to the backing of high-profile investors, including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, NBA Champion and MVP Kevin Durant, NFL star quarterback Jared Goff, and NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

As of July 2022, Underdog Fantasy was valued at $485 million. While this number trails behind other top sites like FanDuel and DraftKings, those sites also offer sports betting among their verticals; Underdog is strictly DFS.

For the sake of valuation comparison, in January 2021, Monkey Knife Fight, another popular DFS platform, sold to Bally’s for $90 million.

In 2023, Underdog offered one of the largest DFS events in history, with “Best Ball Mania IV” offering more than $5 million in prizes. The 2024 event will have a prize pool of more than $10 million.

As of July 2024, Underdog has awarded more than $1 billion in prizes to winning players.

States Where Underdog Fantasy is Legal

States where Underdog Fantasy is legal

Underdog Fantasy has varying degrees of legality in the states where it is permitted to operate. In some cases, Underdog is only permitted to run its draft games while other states will also allow pick’ems.

The list below indicates not only whether Underdog Fantasy is legal in a given state but also which of the game types are permissible.

  • Alabama: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Alaska: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Arizona: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Arkansas: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • California: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Colorado: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Connecticut: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Connecticut
  • Delaware: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Delaware
  • Florida: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Georgia: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Hawaii: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Hawaii
  • Idaho: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Idaho
  • Illinois: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Indiana: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Iowa: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Iowa
  • Kansas: LEGAL – DRAFT ONLY
  • Kentucky: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Louisiana: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Louisiana
  • Maine: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Maine
  • Maryland: LEGAL – Draft games only
  • Massachusetts: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Michigan: LEGAL – DRAFT ONLY
  • Minnesota: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Mississippi: LEGAL – DRAFT ONLY
  • Missouri: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Montana: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Montana
  • Nebraska: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Nevada: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Nevada
  • New Hampshire: LEGAL – Draft Games only
  • New Jersey: LEGAL – Draft games only
  • New Mexico: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • New York: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • North Carolina: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • North Dakota: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Ohio: LEGAL – Draft Games only
  • Oklahoma: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Oregon: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Pennsylvania: LEGAL – Draft Games only
  • Rhode Island: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • South Carolina: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • South Dakota: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Tennessee: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Texas: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Utah: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Vermont: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Virginia: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Washington: Underdog Fantasy is not legal in Washington
  • West Virginia: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Wisconsin: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Wyoming: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games
  • Washington D.C.: LEGAL – Pick’Em and Draft Games

Game Types and DFS Formats on Underdog Fantasy

Games types and formats on Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy offers a variety of exciting game types and formats to enhance your fantasy sports experience.

Best Ball Leagues

Fantasy players have almost certainly had weeks where they struggled to decide who to start, then the player on their bench has a massive game while their starter underwhelms. With Best Ball leagues, this frustration is a thing of the past.Best Ball leagues don’t require you to be as hands-on with your team, as you’ll automatically receive the point totals from your highest-scoring players at each position, even if they weren’t in a “starter” spot. This format makes for an excellent introduction to fantasy for new players, since they can spend more time researching players who may be worth adding and less time tinkering with the lineups.

Pick’em Challenges

Pick’em challenges have two formats on Underdog: Higher/Lower (which is known as Pick’em Champions) and Pick’em Rivals.

Pick’em Champions is much like the pick’em games you’ll see on other DFS sites. Underdog users must pick higher/lower on player props, creating a roster of anywhere from 2-5 players. You’ll earn points based on the number of picks you get correct compared to other Underdog users in your same contest field.

Conversely, Rivals is a head-to-head contest between two players in a given statistical category. For example, you may see “Player to throw for more touchdowns: Joe Burrow (+0.5) vs Patrick Mahomes.”

In that case, the player with the higher total is the winner; if both threw for three touchdowns, Burrow would be given the win because of the +0.5 in the category. If the contest were simply “Player to throw for more touchdowns: Joe Burrow vs Patrick Mahomes,” and both threw three touchdowns, the contest would be voided.

Daily and Weekly Drafts

Finally, Underdog’s daily and weekly drafts follow the traditional DFS format, which is called “Battle Royale” on the platform. Battle Royale players participate in a snake draft to put together their rosters, though during the draft, the same real-world player could be selected by multiple DFS players.

Once lineups are set, players will compete against all other entrants to see who scores the most points for the term length. If there is a tie, all players with the same score will split the prize amount evenly.

For sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey where games are played nearly every day throughout the season, there are often quick turnarounds on DFS contests on Underdog. The contest frequency leads to fierce competition among those at the top of the leaderboards.

Special Features and Innovations

While Underdog didn’t “invent” the best ball format per se, the operator certainly helped the game style rise to prominence. In particular, the annual “Best Ball Mania” competitions have helped the operator to massively grow its player base and further legitimize the site.

Pick’em contests on Underdog also offer in-game projections, so if you’re building your pick’em roster after a game has started, you may not be too late to put together a winner.

Underdog also boasts a “Rescues” program, which can keep your roster from being a total loss if one of your players suffers an injury. If you chose the “over” on a given player stat but that player is injured before the halfway mark of a game and is forced out, your entry will be refunded (however, if any other players on your entry scored as a loss, your entry will be eligible for a Rescue).

Rescues are only available for NBA, MLB, WNBA, NFL, CBB, and WCBB players on your entry. For MLB players, pitchers are ineligible for Rescue; hitters must be out of the game before their third plate appearance.

The Underdog Network may also be of interest to you, with articles and video content providing player and team insights to help you win your contests. News on the network includes details on starting lineups and injury reports while the articles include average draft position (ADP) analysis and other data to help project player performance.

Supported Sports and Contests

This is the full list of supported sports on Underdog Fantasy:

  • MLB
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • Tennis
  • WNBA
  • International Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • Domestic and international soccer leagues
  • PGA
  • MMA
  • Esports, including Valorant, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota-2
  • Surfing
  • KBO Baseball
  • NPB Baseball
  • USAC Racing
  • Boxing
  • PFL
  • UFL
  • CFL
  • Lacrosse
  • Cricket
  • Competitive Eating
  • Power Slap
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Formula 1 Racing
  • NHRA Racing

Payment Options and Payout Process

For both deposits and withdrawals, Underdog players are welcome to use PayPal, link directly to their bank account via Trustly, or use a credit or debit card. Underdog accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX.

Underdog Fantasy carries a $10 minimum for all transactions unless you are attempting to withdraw all funds from your account and have a balance of less than $10. Deposits are instantaneous, and most withdrawals are processed and received within 48 hours.

Players are allowed a maximum deposit of $2,500 per transaction and $7,500 per day.

There are no fees tacked on to any transaction from Underdog. However, your financial institution may have a small percentage tacked on; when in doubt, check with your bank or with PayPal first to ensure you aren’t leaving any money behind.

Community and Social Features

Community and social features

Underdog offers players a custom news feed with frequent updates on player news, contract updates, trades, and more. On the website, you can find this by clicking “News Feed” in the top menu; in the app, the news feed shows up in the menu at the bottom of your screen.

You’ll also be able to create private drafts, though it can be a bit tricky to figure out how to do so. Choose a sport, look at the type of draft you want to make (six-player, 10-player, etc). In the app, tap on that draft type, or on the website, click on the “i” icon under the draft type; then you’ll be able to tap “Create private draft” and set up your league from there.

It’s important to note you must have funds in your Underdog account to set up and join the league. Private leagues will still follow Underdog’s standard scoring rules.

In-Depth Look at Underdog Fantasy’s User Experience

In nearly every aspect, Underdog Fantasy’s user experience is easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and fluid. Load times are near instantaneous, which can make a massive difference when your draft is underway or you’re trying to make a last-minute substitution.

The only thing we had an issue with was figuring out how to set up a private league on Underdog, though we detailed those steps above. Beyond that, we found the platform to be rather intuitive and navigable.

Underdog’s black and yellow design for both the app and website comes with light mode and dark mode settings (we’re big fans of the dark mode display!). It is easier to change this setting on the website, as the icon is available on the home page, though it’s not difficult to access this setting in the app.

We also recommend turning on notifications if you’re playing on the mobile app so you don’t get caught unaware of player news, bonuses, or other gameplay information.
Security and Fair Play Measures
In order to ensure the site is safe and fair for all players to use, Underdog has a multitude of security measures in place.

First, user data is safely handled at all times. Details on how Underdog handles your data, including with third parties such as cybersecurity platforms, analytics, and advertisers, can be found in the privacy policy.

Identifying information, such as your username, legal name, and date of birth, are all encrypted during transmission and storage. Underdog has shown the ability to safely handle personal data, as this was a required part of obtaining a license in states of operation.

Next, for Battle Royale and daily/weekly DFS, Underdog will automatically review all winning entries where the winning roster features players drafted by less than 0.01% of Underdog rosters. This review doesn’t automatically mean you’ll lose your winnings if your roster meets that specification, but it may take longer to access your prizes.

Finally, Underdog’s support team is quick to respond, especially when you think your data may have been compromised. When testing response times to support@underdogfantasy.com for this review, we found the customer service team to be knowledgeable and helpful, and we weren’t sitting around for hours waiting for replies.

Strategies for Success on Underdog Fantasy

One of the biggest keys to success on Underdog Fantasy is to streamline your research. Getting information from multiple sources is key so you can confirm the accuracy, but it is often best to find a few experts you trust for matchup insights, roster analysis, injury news, and more.

To that end, Bettor In Green posts daily “Cheat Sheets” covering player and team trends. These sheets are meant to help guide you through your research and consolidate data in an easy-to-digest format.

Your roster responsibilities fall solely on your shoulders, but we’re happy to help you be as informed as possible when making your lineup decisions!

Another important strategy is to diversify your picks. In doing so, you cast a wider net by having your scoring come from multiple matchups so you aren’t getting burned by a single team having an off game. Stacks can be nice in some situations, such as pairing a quarterback with their top receiver, but more often than not, it’s better to spread your lineup around when possible.

Finally, using lineup optimizers and projection models will help you assess the risk of your lineup and come up with a good strategy. Finding hidden value is the best skill a DFS player can develop, with the next best skill being the ability to learn when strategies don’t work out.

User Reviews and Feedback

User reviews of Underdog Fantasy have been largely favorable. The app holds a 4.8/5 rating in the Apple App Store.

However, the 3.8/5 rating in the Google Play Store raised our eyebrows a bit. The score seems to be a bit skewed by users who were angry they lost money on the platform (which isn’t something Underdog controls), though we did find geolocation to be a recurring issue in the feedback from Android and tablet users.

Another frustration was the lack of free-to-play contests, though this is something Underdog has repeatedly addressed in replies to app store reviews. Underdog has asserted that free-to-play contests lead to a poor user experience since players aren’t as incentivized to pay attention during drafts, leading to imbalanced gameplay.

One Android reviewer wrote this in August 2023:

“When drafting, I notice there is some sort of lag or connection issue going on. I have mistakenly auto drafted players I would not otherwise draft if I had the ability to select. This happens when i exit the draft or app and come back to it. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems like it happens during peak user usage times. I’ve learned to queue multiple players for a given pick just in case it happens.”

Another reviewer from June 2024 wrote:

“Good app with more to do than most apps. Simple and easy layout. A little disappointed that there are no free options but overall the drafts are really fun and the entry fee makes me care more about winning.”

Upcoming Features and Developments

One of the newest developments with Underdog Fantasy is the introduction of the GuardDog program. GuardDog is an investment initiative that aims to provide funding to responsible gaming startups, ensuring that future fantasy sports players and sports bettors are able to do so in a safe, fair manner.

The GuardDog program connects these startups with industry experts and allows them to quickly integrate their products into Underdog’s platform. These experts include former heads of state agencies tasked with gaming enforcement, DFS executives, and responsible gaming advocates.

Another upcoming feature is “Best Ball Mania V,” Underdog’s annual season-long NFL DFS competition. In 2024, the prize pool will exceed $10 million, doubling the payouts compared to the 2023 event.

Comparing Underdog Fantasy to Competitors

An obvious comparison between Underdog and other leading DFS platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel is the best ball gameplay experience. While the latter two have an ample amount of best ball contests, Underdog’s Best Ball Mania is one of the largest DFS events anywhere.

However, what Underdog brings to the table for best ball leagues offsets what it lacks in the free-to-play leagues available on the other sites. Underdog’s minimum contest entry is $3, while DK and FanDuel are able to offer paid contests for as low as a $1 entry in addition to the free-to-play options.

Another big draw for Underdog’s top DFS competitors is their loyalty programs, which Underdog doesn’t offer. Underdog does have a referral program to get users bonus credits for each friend they refer, but players don’t earn rewards points for each entry as can be the case on other platforms.

Still, we’ve found the Underdog DFS experience to be rewarding, particularly when interacting with their customer service team. Though we weren’t actually experiencing any issues with the product while testing, our interaction with the support team was very professional, polite, and informative; we found the response times to be faster or on par with FanDuel and DraftKings.

Bettor In Green’s Opinion On Underdog Fantasy

In closing, Bettor In Green confidently recommends giving Underdog Fantasy a shot, especially for those who are new to participating in daily fantasy sports contests. The best ball format provides a fun way to test strategies and develop skills without getting as harshly punished for making the “wrong” lineup decision.

Payouts are prompt and fair relative to the entry cost. The website may be a slightly preferable option for those who would otherwise use an Android device, but those on iPhones are in for a high-quality mobile gaming experience.

If you want to give Underdog a try, register for an account using the promo code “BGREEN” to lock in a 50% deposit match worth up to $250.


Are there any seasonal or special promotions on Underdog Fantasy?

Yes, there are seasonal and special promotions on Underdog Fantasy. These promotions and bonuses tend to show up around the start of the season for the sport you want to play and typically involve site credits. However, they can also include payout multipliers or player-friendly lines for pick’em entries.

How does the Pick’em contest work on Underdog Fantasy?

There are two types of Pick’em contests on Underdog Fantasy. The first type, Pick’em Champions, involves picking over or under on 2-5 player props and competing against other players to see who can get the most picks correct. The second type, Pick’em Rivals, pits two athletes head-to-head in a stat category and requires DFS players to predict who will record the higher total.

How do I redeem the Underdog Fantasy promo code?

You can redeem the Underdog Fantasy promo code by entering “BGREEN” during account creation to secure the best available welcome bonus. The current offer is a 50% deposit match for up to $250 in credits on the Underdog platform.

What responsible gaming features does Underdog Fantasy provide?

Underdog Fantasy provides multiple responsible gaming features, including deposit limits, self-exclusion and cool-down options, contest entry limits, and links to responsible gaming resources. All of these features are easily found on the website and in the mobile app.