The Boston Celtics’ star player, Jayson Tatum, is known for his impressive scoring ability. With the NBA prop bet offering an intriguing line of over 3.5 three-pointers made, it’s time to delve into Tatum’s shooting prowess and determine if he can surpass expectations. Let’s analyze the statistics, projections, and factors that contribute to his success.

Breaking Down the Projection:

Jayson Tatum has been a consistent threat from beyond the arc throughout his career. However, the prop bet line of 3.5 three-pointers made sets a high bar. To assess his chances of hitting this mark, we turn to the projected performance and the edge offered.

Examining the Projection:

The projection for Tatum stands at 5.09 three-pointers made, indicating a strong belief in his ability to surpass the set line. With an average of 8.7 three-point attempts per game this season, Tatum has shown a willingness to take shots from deep. His accuracy and shooting volume makes the projection of 5.09 three-pointers a compelling figure.

Analyzing the Edge:

The prop bet also presents an enticing edge of 18.37%. This implies that the odds are in favor of Tatum exceeding the 3.5 three-pointers made. An edge of this magnitude suggests that the sportsbooks see a higher likelihood of Tatum reaching or surpassing the line. For bettors seeking value, this represents an opportunity to capitalize on Tatum’s shooting prowess.

Factors Influencing Tatum’s Performance:

1. Offensive Responsibility: Tatum shoulders a significant offensive load for the Celtics. As a primary scoring option, he receives ample opportunities to fire away from downtown. His role as a go-to player enhances his chances of hitting more than 3.5 three-pointers.

2. Shooting Efficiency: Tatum boasts a commendable three-point shooting percentage of 40.2% this season. His accuracy and shot selection bodes well for surpassing the line. With a refined shooting stroke and a knack for creating his own shot, Tatum has the tools necessary to deliver from beyond the arc.

3. Supporting Cast: The Celtics’ roster features talented teammates who can attract defensive attention, creating open looks for Tatum. Whether it’s through the playmaking of Jaylen Brown or the interior presence of Al Horford, Tatum benefits from the team’s offensive dynamics, allowing him more opportunities to convert from long-range.


Jayson Tatum’s prop bet of over 3.5 three-pointers made presents an intriguing opportunity for NBA enthusiasts and bettors. With a projection of 5.09 three-pointers made and a substantial edge of 18.37%, the odds appear to be in Tatum’s favor. Considering his offensive responsibilities, shooting efficiency, and the support of his teammates, Tatum is poised to surpass the set line. Keep an eye on his performance and enjoy the thrilling display of long-range shooting from one of the NBA’s brightest stars.

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