Top 5 MLB Players of 2024 (So Far)

Now that we’re just over halfway into the 2024 MLB season, let’s take a look at who the best players of the MLB are according to data from the Bettor In Green app.

This will be a ranking based on both individual stats and overall for feel for how a player is doing. And as with any ranking list, everything here is subjective, as we don’t believe in ranking players solely based on stats like WAR.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the 5 best players in the MLB as things currently stand.

5. RF Juan Soto, New York Yankees

RF Juan Soto, New York Yankees

2024 stats: 86 G, 300 AB, 21 HR, 63 RBI, .300 AVG, .438 OBP, .568 SLG

Soto is in a bit of a slump right now, having only 4 hits in his last 16 at bats with only 2 homers during that span for a batting average of .250.

However, Soto’s OBP has actually increased a bit as it currently sits at a .438 which is among the best in the league, and his slugging percentage has him currently on track for his best SLG of his career.

His OPS of 1.006 and 21 home runs has him in the top 6 in the league in both categories, and he showed that in his last outing as he hit a 2-run shot that went 431 feet vs. Cincinnati.

4. SS Bobby Witt Jr., Kansas City Royals

SS Bobby Witt Jr., Kansas City Royals

2024 stats: 88 G, 350 AB, 13 HR, 56 RBI, .314 AVG, .366 OBP, .543 SLG

Witt is one of the best at stolen bases this season, having stolen 22 bases which has him tied for 5th in the league and 3rd in the AL, but he has also been picked off 8 times this year.

Witt is also among the best defenders in the MLB, and while some of his stats are juiced simply because he is a shortstop, his 26 outs above average since last season and his 89% F2O% (percentage of balls fielded that ended in outs) prove that he one of the best in the league.

Witt isn’t the big bat that some of these other guys are, but he has gotten much better at generating walks, as he has been walked already 28 times this season compared to his 40 walks during all of last season.

3. DH Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Dodgers

DH Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Dodgers

2024 stats: 84 G, 332 AB, 27 HR, 64 RBI, .319 AVG, .401 OBP, .642 SLG

Ohtani has had a few rough stretches this year, but he is now leading the NL in homers and is 2nd in the league with his OPS of 1.042 while ranking 3rd in batting average. Ohtani is also on pace for his best home run season yet, which is shocking given his few slumps during the season.

Ohtani also leads the NL in batting average, SLG, OPS, total bases, and rWAR, showing that he is still a dominant player and contributes a lot to winning baseball, even while taking a year off from the mound.

For the first time in his career, it is almost a guarantee that we will see Ohtani participate in post-season baseball.

2. SS Gunnar Henderson, Baltimore Orioles

SS Gunnar Henderson, Baltimore Orioles

2024 stats: 86 G, 339 AB, 27 HR, 60 RBI, .289 AVG, .382 OPB, .605 SLG

Henderson is a guy that is a menace both defensively and offensively, and while some of his stats like WAR get a bit of a boost just because he’s a shortstop, he’s proven to be the best in the league at that position. He is also on pace for 50 long balls which has only been done once by a shortstop, Alex Rodriguez.

In his last outing, a 7-3 loss vs. Seattle, Henderson had 3 hits in his 5 at bats with a double, a HR, and 2 RBI’s.

Henderson’s .986 OPS currently has him at 6th in the league and if not for Aaron Judge being such a dominant force, Henderson would probably be first on this list.

1. CF Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

CF Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

2024 stats: 87 G, 312 AB, 32 HR, 83 RBI, .314 AVG, .433 OBP, .702

Judge has been on an absolute tear since his slow start to the season as he currently leads the MLB in HR, RBI, and OPS, and he is currently on pace for his second-consecutive 60 HR season. Judge is also in the top 5 in the MLB with his batting average of .314.

Judge had a bad game in his last outing, posting 0 hits and being struck out twice in his 4 at bats, which makes me think he will have a dominant showing in his next outing, which is a rivalry matchup vs. Boston at home.

The only worry some fans have about Judge would come on the defensive end, where some are concerned about whether or not he can continue to hold up at CF, but other than that Judge is basically a lock for AL MVP.

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